1 for you. 1 for the world.

Cannes Lions 1 x Shortlist
CommAward 1 x Gold, 1 x Shortlist
Eurobest 2 x Shortlist
LIA 1 x Finalist
ADC 2 x Bronze, 2 x Shortlist
Econ 2 x Bronze, 1 x Silver
New York Festivals 1 x Silver, 3 x Finalist
AME  2 x Gold

The world is still not fair. Global food production exceeds demand by 26%. Yet 12% of the world’s population suffer from hunger. How can we transform our daily shopping routine into fully transparent help? We invented SHARE, a social brand based on the 1+1 principle: With every purchase of a SHARE product you donate a portion of food, soap or one day of water to a person in need. A unique code on every product lets you track your donation. The help is certified by the United Nations. We built the brand SHARE from scratch: we started with naming and logo design, then we developed the product design and a 360° launch campaign. SHARE was the biggest launch of a social brand in Germany and sold more than 1 Mio. products in the first 4 weeks.

Launch campaign
1st anniversary campaign

Agency – Heimat
Client – share
Project – Brand Launch
Role – Creative Direction